The History of Sisters Baptist Church

"A Simple Walk of Faith"

The history of Sisters Baptist Church has it's beginnings in the humble love of Jesus by some very special women, "the sisters." These Sisters loved to serve Christ so much that they walked ten miles to Bethlehem Baptist Church to worship their Lord. One can only imagine the hardships these women must have faced. If the Sisters ever complained of the hardship, it is not known. If any effort on their part was made to relieve the situation, it is not recorded. We have every reason to believe that they walked by faith, in meekness and humility, and that each journey was joyfully made.

In 1820, God blessed these sisters' simple walk of faith, and another church was born. Brother Benjamin Manning, pastor of Bethlehem Church suggested that a meeting house be built on Fenn's Bridge Road, two and a half miles from Sandersville for the special convenience of these "Sisters." The house built for them was given the fitting name, "Sisters Meeting House."

In 1824, the number of worshipers had increased to twenty-four and on August 7, 1824, a church was organized. After much fasting and prayer, the membership chose Bro. William R. Stansell as their first pastor, or Elder as they were called then.

The Church was a part of the Hephzibah Association until the Washington Association was constituted at Sisters Meeting House on December 12, 1828. After twenty years of service, "Sisters Meeting House" proved inadequate for the growing congregation of approximately three hundred members, and a new building was erected on the Davisboro Road. This building was used for thirty-four years, and during the later part of this period, the old "Meeting House" somehow lost it's name. In 1874, a new building called "Sisters Church" was given over to the trustees. This building was kept in repair in spite of a fire in 1877 and a storm in 1882. The gospel was proclaimed in this building until it was replaced by another building in 1914. This building was the first in Sisters' history to contain a baptistry.

The members of Sisters Church have had their faith tested in many ways. The hardest times were when disasters befell the church house. In 1878, resolutions were drawn up expressing the gratitude of the church to the Heavenly Father for having spared their "much loved and cherished church house" from destruction by fire when it seemed that it was doomed. And in 1882, resolutions were passed thanking God "for sparing our church and the lives of it's members from the destructive cyclone which uprooted the trees on the church yard."

In 1929, five Sunday School rooms were added to the building and in 1948 a church pastorium was dedicated. A new education building was erected in 1954. A tornado blew down a newly constructed wall. The sanctuary was completely remodeled in 1956 and the annex was completed in 1957. An education building was added and the sanctuary again remodeled in 1968.

On May 27, 1975, Sisters' members watched in horror as the church sanctuary, and part of the educational building were destroyed by fire. God, in his loving grace, answered the prayers of His church, and part of the educational building was saved. This structure is still in existence today. A ground breaking service was held for the new sanctuary on September 28, 1975, and the first service in the new sanctuary was held on July 4, 1976.

The most recent remodel to the education building was in 1998 and to the sanctuary, classrooms and fellowship hall in 2001. This building is still being used by Sisters' members in service to the Lord.

Regularly Scheduled Services: Sundays 11:00 AM & 6:00 PM and Wednesdays 7:00 PM

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